Bethel Christian Fellowship

Youth Activities

Bethel Youth is the name of our youth group. The group covers ages 11 – 18 years old. Suzy Taylor is our Youth Pastor who coordinates this group with a large team of passionate volunteers. We provide many different ways to encourage the youth in growth social skills and development of friendships.

Please do contact Suzy on [email protected] for more details or ring 07852 107129

See below for more information of what Bethel do to support these young people.


  • Sunday Evenings (fortnightly) Open Close

    This is a real social time with lots of fun…. Get to know new people, somewhere to invite a friend to, a safe space to connect with others. We will be running a full youth programme, for more information please contact Suzy.

  • Study & Fun Open Close

    This is our weekly group which is run on a Thursday evening at 7pm. We will have interactive discussions about our faith.

  • Newday Open Close

    Newday is a  lively, fun, faith exploring youth camp, with 8 thousand other young people to have a great time getting to know about God and making long lasting friendships.

    Here is the website for more information – bookings open now via Bethel Youth.


    Dates: Monday 1st August 2022 – Friday 5th August 2022 (Travel home on Saturday)

    Two of our previous promo videos