Bethel Christian Fellowship

Braintree & Witham Food Bank


As a church we are a supporter of the local food bank. On the first Sunday of the month we have a collection for the food bank.

Braintree Area Foodbank started in April 2012, Braintree Area Foodbank’s mission is, and always will be, to help the vulnerable within the local community who are in crisis.  Since then they have fed over 10,000 people, including children, and unfortunately these numbers are set to rise.

The people who are referred to the Foodbank face hardships caused by short term employment contracts, unemployment and benefit issues to name but a few of the problems these vulnerable people face. The Foodbank works with many local agencies to ensure that the food reaches those really in need.

The food parcels provide three/four days of nutritionally balanced food.

It costs between £30,000 to £40,000 each year to run our Foodbank and no matter how small a monetary donation it will help us to ensure that we are able to continue to supply food and to ensure that those within the Braintree Area do not go hungry.