Bethel Christian Fellowship

Youth Activities

Fever is the name of our youth group at Bethel. The group covers ages 11 – 18. There are many activities aimed at this group. Suzy Taylor’s the Youth Leader who heads this group with a large team of passionate volunteers. We provide many different ways to encourage the youth in growth and social friendship.

Speak to Suzy on [email protected] for more details or ring 07852 107129

See below for more information of what Bethel do to support these young people.


  • Evening Fever Open Close

    Evening fever meet every two weeks throughout the year on a Sunday evening. We generally meet at the Bethel hall in Church Street, Witham.

    The activities we do are games, table tennis, board games, a popular game is uno which seems to be a favourite. There is generally a selection of snacks. This is a great way of cementing friendships.

    We meet Sunday’s 6pm – 8pm see keep an eye on This week’s events tab for information

    We also use this time to go out and about and over the last few years we have visited:

    • Malden prom
    • Jump street
    • Thorpe Park
    • Local park
    •  Roller Skating
    • Bowling

    Speak to Suzy on [email protected] for more details or ring 07852 107129

  • Youth House Group Open Close

    This is our weekly house group (term time) which is run on a Thursday evening 5:30pm – 7:30pm.

    This includes a meal together at the Bethel Hall in church street. A study follows which the team make  as interactive as possible while trying to instil good morals from the Bible.

    Speak to Suzy on [email protected] for more details or ring 07852 107129

  • Youth Band Open Close

    The Youth band lead worship at Bethel Witham on the last Sunday Service of each month. Bethel have a real passion for worship to be key in what we do as a church. Luke leads this with a nine piece band. Over the years this has been a fantastic way of developing the musically gifting young people to build confidence and express their own faith.

    Contact Luke for more info at [email protected]

  • Newday Open Close

    Newday is our yearly camping trip which takes place in July. We meet up with over 9000 other young people to have a great time together but also learning more about how big that God is. This event has changed the lives of most people who attend.

    Newday 2020

    We normally take about 25 people including helpers. This is a fantastic and the youth absolutely love this. We part fund raise throughout the year with events like, talent shows, auctions, cake baking plus many more…

    Newday 2020 date is 10th August  – 16th August. This is in Norfolk Show ground in Norwich.