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Sermons 2018

To play a sermon click on the play button, you can scroll through by clicking in the rectangular bar next to the stop button.  If you wish to download a sermon, right click on the arrow in the download column and choose save link/target as.  You will be then prompted as to where you would like to save the file.

The second Sunday of each month is breakfast church at 9:30am. This talk does not get recorded.

Download Arrow 25th-Nov-2018-Yielding-our-lifes-to-God-Chris-Taylor33 MB36:11 min
Download Arrow 18th-Nov-2018-Creating-expectancy-Gary-Fisher40 MB43:18 min
Download Arrow 4th-November-2018 - Cultivating a hunger for God ABBA Father - Alan Battley30 MB32:30 Min
Download Arrow 28th October 2018 - The Potters House - Keith Taylor27 MB29:18 Min
Download Arrow 21st Oct 2018 - Cultivating a hunger for God/ a longing for the deep - Chris Taylor43 MB42:21 min
Download Arrow 7th Oct 2018 - Holy Spirit and there is more to receive - Gary Fisher35 MB38:17 min
Download Arrow 23rd Sept 2018 - Jesus Heart Plans & Purposes - Chris Taylor -MP341 MB29:42 min
Download Arrow 15th Sept 2018 Jesus' Heart Relational - Chris Taylor26 MB56.48 min
Download Arrow 26th August 2018-Peter’s Miraculous Escape From Prison-Alan Battley22 MB24:10 min
Download Arrow 22nd July 2018 - Letter to the Galatians Pt3- Gordon Crick32 MB34:30 min
Download Arrow 15th July 2018 - Letter to the Galatians Pt2- Gordon Crick29 MB28.47 min
Download Arrow 1st July - Sujith Alex50 MB47:20 min
Download Arrow 24th June 2018 - Letter to the Galatians Pt1- Gordon Crick29 MB31:31 Min
Download Arrow 17th June 2018 - Foundation Stones Holy Spirit (Spiritual Gifts) Gordon Crick45 MB42:45 min
Download Arrow 3rd June 2018 - Foundational Stones Holy Spirit- Chris Taylor44 MB34:16 min
Download Arrow 20th May 2018 - Foundation Stones - Water Baptism - Suzy Taylor15 MB14:31 min
Download Arrow 13th May 2018 - Foundation Stones - Forgiveness - Gary Fisher39 MB31:30 min
Download Arrow 25th March 2018 - Prophet Series - Isaiah 53 - Gordon crick27 MB29:38 min
Download Arrow 4th-March-2018-Prophet series-Amos-Alan-Battley26 MB27:30 min
Download Arrow 25th-Feb-2018-Prophet-Series-Hosea-Gary-Fisher36 MB39:11 min
Download Arrow 7th Jan 2018 - Prophet Series - Haggi - Gordon Crick25 MB27:11 min